After nearly 3 years of public hiatus, the band had come together just in time to welcome the arrival of our good friend, Alex Mangini.

There are three reasons that exists as you see it now in it’s fully glory:

  • First, this awesome, free, open-source CMS (content management software) called WordPress exists
  • Second, we give a focused effort to maintain this as a decentralized and censorship resistant platform where WE control the content and communications with our fans. And we own that content 100%.
  • Third, we were lucky enough to grow up in the same small town in New Jersey with one of the top 100 WordPress Developers in the world

Alex (AKA, the Man-Genius) has created a powerful all in one software built seamlessly into WordPress called Marketers Delight

We had spent about a week together hanging out, soaking up the Florida sun, fueling raging bonfires, and coding up a ton of awesomeness.

We just wanted to write this post as a huge thank you to Alex for helping to make all of this possible and inspiring us to take our music career into our own hands on the web.

If you are looking to do the same for yourself, we highly recommend giving him a shout and considering building your internet empire with the tools and the people you can trust.

Let’s build a free world powered by the creative genius of the people.

To Freedom,

Matt x Mike

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