mike wheeler

With so many options for building a web presence on the internet, our team wanted to make the right choice; we wanted to build our band’s website the best possible way.

Today, we are proud to present the official foundation of this musical project:


This is the go to place for everything surrounding the band, including: Event Updates, New Music, Videos, Educational Tutorials, and more.

For those of you interested in how to do this for your band or project, look into a self-hosted, fully customizable, WordPress blog. This route offers unlimited design freedom for your site AND you own all of it.

Please introduce yourself and share a comment below if you want to know more!

We are thankful for our friend Alex, author at Kolakube and creator of Marketers Delight (™) for helping make this possible.

Mike and Matt snapped a photo of us the morning after building this site together!

Mike Wheeler (Exit Five), Alex Mangini (Kolakube), Matt Welsh (Upbeat Drummer)

Mike Wheeler (Exit Five), Alex Mangini (Kolakube), Matt Welsh (Upbeat Drummer)

Be well friends,